New Year, New Goals

I’m up bright eyed and bushy tailed at half 5 – ready and raring to go for my first pump class of the year. I love Summer mornings; bright and balmy although I’m not so hot for the massive spider webs that I always manage to walk into. Today is no exception. After my first web encounter of the most ghastly kind, I walk to the gym waving my towel in the air like a mad-spider-web-fearing woman. Not only are the spiders down under some of the most poisonous of their kind, I reckon they’re also the widest web spinners! Gross out!

Tuesday pump always leaves me with a spring in my step. Kristy the instructor is really inspirational and we’re always pumped to the max in her class. Today she tells us not to set new year resolutions, but new year goals, which are so much more achieveable. I’m inclined to agree. Although, technically I am 3 days late, there is no better time to set my goals for 2012!

1. Get back to my goal weight and stay there.

2. Run the half marathon in September.

3. Try a spin class.

4, Carry on cooking and celebrate  1st birthday

5. Go to England to see all my family and friends

Most of all, I just want to be the best that I can be and make the most of every minute. There’s really no time to waste. Now that the festive season is over, I’m so  over all the excess eating and drinking and can’t wait to get back on (the healthy eating) track. Kristy says that it’s not just the hard yards we put in at the gym that counts,  it’s also the hard yakka we do at home and in the world beyond too. When it comes to looking after our body, everything counts, so  that means, what we do with it, and what we put into it! A new year, a new me!

It’s fun to go back to work and hang out with all my colleagues. After work, I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure so now I have hands and feet that look almost human, instead of rhino like. At home, I speak to my Auntie Sandra, she of the Lokshen Pudding fame. Her new year has  had such a sad start, her mum, passed away on New Years Day. She keeps me entertained with some amazing anecdotes, her mum was such a lovely lady. Where there’s bad news, there’s always some good news, and guess what, Sandra’s going to send me some of her  auntie’s recipes soon. A real blast from the past! When it comes to recipes; old is gold!