Happiness, dog and a run

HappinessI have a lie in until 7am – what a treat! My day goes from good to great because, when I arrive at work there’s a surprise gift on my desk. It’s from Emily, she of the delicious Chicken, Potato and Leek Soup  fame. She’s off on holidays and has left me a goodie bag of low calorie healthy sweet treats to thank me for her part in the feeder programme! The candy is not necessary because I share my baked goods to give love, not to receive presents! However, Emily really knows how to give great gift so although the sweets aren’t a requirement, they’ve heartily appreciated!

It’s a new term at school and I have a new class. I always get a bit weirded out on the first day; so many people to get to know, so many names to learn and so many dynamics in the mix. But, it’s all good. I think it’s going to be a great month!

After a light lunch, I’m off to learn Japanese calligraphy with one of our loveliest students, Tatsuya. He’s been at our school for what seems like forever, but only because he’s made a whole heap of progress in such a relatively short time. The proof is in the pudding, for here he is today, teaching teachers and his peers how to do Japanese calligraphy and he’s doing a darn fine job of it too. He shows us to how use the  fude (brush) and sumi (ink) and a little about the history of calligraphy. It’s really relaxing and immensely satisfying – I manage three words, dog, run and happiness. Three of my favourite things! Tatsuya’s never actually been in my class but I often check his diary for him when I work in the library so I feel like I know him intimately! At the end of the class, he gives each of us a Japanese fan with some of his own calligraphy, each one with a different word. Mine says happiness because he says I bring him happiness. I’m so touched. My job has allowed me to meet a whole heap of absolutely amazing people from all around the world and today I’m reminded of that once again. I’m so blessed.

While we’re caught up in the calligraphy. I get an email from the Argentinian Embassy. I sent them an email wishing the President a speedy recovery with a link to the blog. They’re going to forward my email onto the Minsiter of Foreign Affairs who in turn can pass it on to the President’s Office. How exciting! It’s so funny, because when I started writing the blog, I guess I was only thinking of myself and emptying my brain into the computer. Now it’s so much more than catharsis, I hope it gives people ideas and energy either in the kitchen or when dealing with difficulties, be it Cancer or otherwise.

My happiness bubble keeps on growing, I manage to run some errands after work and still get to gym in time for Basic Training. It’s a sizzler today and Craig has to adapt the circuits before  things get out of hand and  someone falls bottom over breast on someone else’s sweat!  We have to work in pairs which always makes me nervous but I find a new friend and the change in routine is a good challenge. What’s that they say, about a change being as good as a rest?!

At home, I tackle all the mundane chores that I loathe to do, but love when they’re finished! It’s also the night to strip the christmas tree bare. Now the  tree is minus it’s baubles it’s looking a bit sad and seriously skinny. If I had my way, I’d have the tree up all year round. But I can’t. Although, I’m going to be seriously sneaky and put it up for Christmas in July this year! Only 6 months to wait! Hurrah!