Cook Books Anonymous

My name’s Sam and I’m addicted to cook books. I nip out for a breath of fresh air and to see the sunshine at lunchtime and  take a detour via the shopping centre. Quite by chance, I pass a newsagents with a Women’s Weekly cook book sale! Women’s Weekly recipes are by far and away my favourite and most trusted; those wonderful women at the Weekly have never let me down! I try to walk past, but I am irrepressibly drawn to the shelves like a magnet. I’ve actually got more cookbooks at home than I know what to do with, or more to the point to cook with, but cook books are to me, like shoes are to Imelda Marcos. My addiction is out of control. As it is, I buy four, a most modest purchase. I’ve still got another four on my wishlist. I can’t wait to get stuck in!

I went through a phase last year of compulsive-coupon shopping from all those discount internet sites, like Scoopon, Groupon etc and am now in a race against time trying to use them up. I’m still smarting from last night’s embarassment  at the Australian Hotel, but undeterred, I head off to Angel Beauty after work, armed with my trusty Scoopon. The beauty parlour  is a cross between a 1980’s interior design nightmare (think Chintz) and your granny’s living room. Most bizarre. I’m in for two hours of pampering; a massage, a facial and an eyelash tint. The decor is so frightening, I decide to keep my eyes wide shut throughout, so I have no idea what the treatments involve. However, I can safely say that I leave the building feeling a whole lot more relaxed than when I entered. And extremely well oiled! Best of all, it turns out that the beauty lady lives near the Australian Brewery  out in Woop Woop so I generously give her my erroneous voucher, it makes me feel good knowing that someone will get use out of it!

I love Lorna Jane’s inspiration for the day; “Dead Last Is Greater Than Did Not Finish, Which Trumps Did Not Start.” That’s going to be my mantra  when I take part in the Sun Run in a few weeks. I’m so excited as it’s my first fun run without my thyroid, but with my fairweather fitness, I’ve got to get real, I’m not going to be breaking any records, that’s for sure!

If I had one wish, I think I would make a couple of extra hours in my day. I just don’t have enough time to pack all my punches! I’m having a bit of Baking Cold Turkey  so I  finally get  around to making my Honey Munchies that have been on my hit list for days. They’re really tasty and I relish the opportunity to use my new cookie cutters that I got for Christmas. I try out Secret Santa’s assorted shapes and David’s cupcake cutters – tons of fun! No matter how busy I am and how long things take, I can always find some time in my day to bake!