A Walk on the Wild Side

I plan to wake up with the birds and head out for a road run but it just ain’t happening. At least I manage to get up early enough to take my Thryoxin meds. I even have time to go back to bed, sleep off the drugs and still get up in time to have some breakfast. Having to wait half an hour to an hour between taking the tablets and feeding my face is quite a mission. Sometimes, an impossible one!

Work is busy as ever and in the afternoon, I forego my library duties and instead, take a big bunch of students to visit the new improved Wildlife World. It’s pretty cool – we get to see a plethora of Aussie animals including koalas, roos, wallabies, an outsize crocodile and my personal favourite, the wombat! It’s corking!

After work I have a serious dilemma; I can’t decide whether to bake a cake or pump some iron at the gym. I’ve been itching to make Donna Hay’s Lemony Peach Cake for days. If  I try to bake it before my pump class, it won’t be ready in time and if I give it a go after, it will eat up my evening.  I plump, not pump, for the cake which I think is a good move because, when it emerges from the oven, it looks totally lush!

I’m a domestic goddess this evening, inbetween baking, I manage to orientate my way through a mountain of ironing and still try out a new recipe for dinner. Donna Hay’s Spice-Baked Chicken with Tzatziki Salad is a perfect simple, summer supper. We love it!