Friday the 13th

It’s Friday 13th! It’s not unlucky, it’s just all go! The fun starts with Basic Training at 6.15 which is totally awesome and leaves me feeling fizzy all day long! Early morning training really rocks. It’s the perfect start to the day.

Work is tons of fun and mad busy as ever.  I meet Leda for lunch which is a total treat. We only just caught on that we worked so close, so once we get into the swing of things, we can be ladies that lunch! The afternoon flies by and before I know it, it’s beer o’clock. Time to down tools and head off to the pub for Friday night drinks.

I haven’t been to the pub for Friday night frivolity since last year! It’s good to catch up and have some beer and cheer. However,  David and I can’t stay long as we’ve got a dinner date with Pippa and Colum so we head home, grab a shower and a bottle of wine, and we hurry off for a curry. David’s guts must be gagging,  as this will be his third curry of the week. He’s going for the curry hat trick tonight! I hope his tummy won’t protest too much! We go to the same place we went on Tuesday, we love it so much, we can’t bear to go anywhere else! In fact, we go there so often, we should take out time share in the place! Anyway, it’s a great night. Fun with friends and a fantastic Friday!