Saturday Matter-Day

My body clock still doesn’t know it’s the weekend! Shocking! I’m up at 7 and decide to get cracking on my list of things to do. It’s way too long! First things first, I tackle my recipe folder. I’ve been ripping recipes out of magazines for months now and stuffing them into a folder which is now positively overflowing with food for thought. There’s masses of stuff and it’s quite a mission! It’s keeping me out of mischief this morning that’s for sure!

It’s nearly nine o’clock and I have a  double gym dilemma. To pump or not to pump? And then, to pump or to run? The weather today is cool and grey, perfect running conditions. It would be rude not to go outside and pound the pavement- so a run it will be! I’m also acutely aware that the Sun Run is only three weeks away and my training has been frighteningly thin on the ground. I love being outside and the cool conditions are most favourable. I get right into the run and my music and to my abject humiliation, get caught miming the words and even worse, air dancing. On more than one occasion. It’s thoroughly uncool but I’m having too much fun to care! I run the full 8km today, and do double my usual distance and although I’m hot and sweaty, I still have something small left in the tank.

I always love to get creative in the kitchen after I work out and today is no exception. Today I try out Mini Pear and Spice Cakes which are a cute cross between a cup cake and a muffin. They’re dead easy to make, easy on the eye and, the waistline too, at only 2 Weight Watchers propoints a pop!

Then we hit the supermarket, go for coffee, and  back at the ranch, I continue on Operation Recipe Sort. I’m going to attempt to decorate my mini cakes with buttercream icing but then realise I’m all out of icing mixture but it’s no drama, sheep farmer, they’re yummy just as they are! Later in the afternoon, Ryan, Kari and the kids bob over for a catch up. It’s great to see them and feed them  the mini cakes. They love them! I don’t have to twist their arm too hard to persuade them to take the rest of the batch home!

We have so many bits and bobs to do at home, and as we had such a busy week, we decide to have a night in. We try another fantastic four ingredients recipe, Almond Crumbed Fish and it’s seriously scrumptious.

The page hits are rocketing into orbit, over 15000 hits so far, and David’s been a star and has gone and  set me up a facebook page. Check it out here.  He’s a total technical wizard!