Crepe Creations

I’m out of bed at half 5 with a hop, skip and a jump today! It’s Monday and Kathy’s back for Basic Training! The class  really rocks, there’s no better way to start the week!

Work is busy, but brilliant as usual. The day flies by so fast. Before I know it, it’s time to head home but I take a detour via the library where I drop off the pile of books that I haven’t had time to read and borrow a new cook book. I can always  find time to read recipes! Anyway, it’s Donna Hay and I can’t resist it! As if I haven’t got enough dishes on my To-Do list already!

I try and touch base with the Nuclear Medicine team at the hospital today to get a freak-to-fly letter. Technically, I’m still radioactive and am likely to trigger airport security alarms. If I get a letter detailing my treatment and radioactivity, I should be able to breeze through security like a breath of fresh air. The secretary is a dear, but she wants to email me the letter, and with white-outed  mis-spelling s of my name! She thinks I’m Samantha Golden! It would be quite a hoot if the letter wasn’t so important. Travelling is stressful enough without worrying that airport staff might think I’m a serious threat to national security! Aaargh! I’ve now offered to go and collect the letter from the hospital with my own fair hands, if that offer doesn’t tempt the sec, I’m going to type it myself and send it to her for a quick cut and paste! How can something so simple turn into such a saga?

We recycle last night’s Mexican-Style Roast Chicken and add some avocado, fresh tomato salsa, refried beans and some corn tortillas! It tastes too good.

The freezer is looking a bit bare which makes me feel a bit nervous so I embark upon my  mission to try and fill it up! Tonight I create some Crepes. I’ve got a crepe pan which is as old as the hills, it’s almost an antique. I still remember buying it at the Ideal Home Exhibition in London with my mum when I was about 10! (I told you it was old!) It’s called a Crepe Magician, and it’s aptly named, because it’s been creating classy crepes for forever! They’re the light fantastic. Best of all they freeze fabulously well, and they’re so versatile for all kinds of dessert. The savoury ones make great canapes or starters but today I’ve got a sweet tooth and give the savoury ones a miss.

We had a big kitchen tidy up at the weekend and David relocated the coffee machine. This is a good move because now the machine is so much more accessible and there is so much more workspace to make a mess on! He’s becoming quite the Champion Barista and has been making cafe style coffee like it’s going out of fashion. But I’m not complaining!