Date Night

Another Tuesday morning. Another early morning call. Another one of Kristy’s Pump Classes. We’re all on fire this morning  and battling the bar with gusto! It’s her birthday today so I flex my muscles a little harder for her birthday benefit! It’s bicep breaking work but I love it.

I so love working out in the mornings, but I am starting to think it a little counter-productive as it makes me hungry the whole day! I’m definitely feeling fitter and am a tad more toned but my bulge just won’t budge. No matter how I eat or how hard I train, standing on the scales is still so scary. It’s pretty depressing whichever way you look at it… with a whole heap of clothes that don’t fit and a weight watchers goal that’s about as hard to reach as the stars! Bah! Maybe I just need more drugs!

On the plus side, the nice lady at nucelear medicine has revamped my freak-to-fly letter and it’s ready to collect at my convenience. Bless her little cotton socks!

After work, I rush to the mall, to exchange a gym top that I bought on Saturday. I can’t believe I bought one exactly the same as one I have already! Doh! And this really won’t do! Trying to exchange the item is like trying to sell ice to the eskimos, and even though I finally twist the shop assistant’s arm and choose something of greater value, she looks at me as though I’ve emptied her till. Whatever happened to service with a (genuine) smile?

It’s Date Night tonight. Every so often we take some time out during the week to make some time for each other, for some quality time together. We’ve got still more Scoopons, but we only bought them because the restaurant came highly recommended by friends. Tonight we’re off on an adventure to Haberfield which is like Sydney’s real Little Italy. Looking at the main street, it must have more Italian restaurants per capita than any place in the Southern Hemsiphere! It’s crazy! Still, seeing as we have our voucher, we don’t have the drama of having to choose. Goluso is located in the Old Post Office and it’s a charming little set up. It’s so nice to be cooked for for a change. Dinner is very big and very delicious!  I’ll have fun running it  off tomorrow! It might take a while!