Happy Hair Day

It’s another early morning start although I give the gym a miss today and head out for a road run instead. It’s perfect running weather. I’m a bit like Goldilocks, I don’t like it too hot, I don’t like it too cold, I like it just right! As it is, it starts raining while I’m out but  apart from the fact that it’s ruined my hair, I don’t mind. I really find the rain rather  refreshing. I go for my usual 5km around the block and achieve a new post-operative personal best! I’m stoked! What a great start to the day!

It’s a mad busy day at work and at the end of the day I hurry off to the hairdresser. I’m so in need of a cut and some colour. I’m feeling a bit weird about it though. After all, that’s where I got the news about the big C. I needn’t worry, I’m in a different chair this time and mentally, not just  physically, I’m in such a different place from 3 months ago! Heather my hairdresser is a genius. I could never go anywhere else. Even if I moved I’d have to make a quarterly pilgrimage to have my hair helped by Heather. She tells me that people move to different countries and still  come back to the salon and I can understand why!

It’s thrice the fun in the salon tonight as Eve is in having her locks lovelied too and we’re loving Pippa’s work as Heather’s right hand woman. After our hair looks like we’ve just stepped out of a salon, we do just that and head off for drinks and dinner to Cabana Bar. The perfect ingredients  – happy hair, good friends, girly gossip, bonhomie in the beer garden – for a most enjoyable evening! I love Summer!