Fat Friday

Friday gets off to a flying start with Basic Training. It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s full on. Just the way I like it!

I’ve got a whole heap of stuff to do at work and I’m stoved off but I’d rather be busy than be bored! I still find time to meet Leda for lunch which is lovely. She’s going to taste test the Chocolate Crackle Slice and the Mixed Berry Buttermilk Muffins. The Feeder Programme is Go!

Later we present Simon with Omi’s  Traditional Almond Buttermilk Cake for his birthday. I love Simon; he’s like my brother from another mother! However, to be fair, this isn’t  really  the most attractive cake I’ve ever made but when I get the Feeder Programme going in full swing, and share it among all the teachers and the Admin Dept, everyone gives it the thumbs up! Especially the crackly crunchy bits on the top!

I decide to write to the Endocronologist about my unstoppable weight gain. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I exercise or how much (or for that matter, how little) I eat, I’m still piling on the pounds. It’s really getting to me now. I don’t want to wait (ha, ha excuse the pun!) another month until I see her for some advice, or even better, a bigger dose of drugs!

With regret, I forego Friday night drinks and hurry home; there’s so much to do and so little time. The cleaners have been today so the whole place is  as clean as a new pin. I’m sure it won’t take us too long to restore it to it’s lived-in look! Later, I meet David and we go for a swift half litre in the Bavarian Beer Cafe before doing a quick run round the supermarket. I decide that shopping under the influence of alcohol is most ill advised. Forget drink driving, the new no no is drink shopping!

It’s dinner direct from the freezer tonight, Cheat’s Chilli. I get started on making a mess of the kitchen and multi task with  wild abandon, as I cook dinner, create chaos and knock up some Coconut Slice with Lemon Syrup. We’ve got our friend Lindsey coming to stay tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself  if there wasn’t any cake in the house. It’s very lemony and a bit soft.  Me thinks I should have baked it a bit longer…but my oven is so fierce and it always burns but only in one corner! You can have too much of a good thing!

I realise I’ve sent my email to the Endo to the wrong email address! Doh! What a donut! I re-send it to the correct one and hope she gets it this time. I wait with bated breath for her pearls of wisdom. While I wait, I can’t resist googling thyroidectomy and weight gain, just out of interest. I know I should know better, I’ve had my fingers burned on the internet before but I just can’t help myself. Within minutes, I find a myriad of articles of women who have lost their thryoid and gained weight. And lots of it. The story is always the same, no matter what they eat or how much they exercise they keep tipping the scales. This is so depressing. I wouldn’t mind but the doctor assured me that I’d lose weight not put it on! At least if I’d known I was going to get fat again I’d have been mentally prepared. Eating healthily and working out, then only to look like a Michelin Madame and not fit into all my lovely clothes is just soul destroying. Vain, I know but soul destroying nonetheless. The only plus side (soon to be plus size!) is that I have kept all my fat clothes so at least I have stuff to grow into!

I know it’s better to be fat than dead. I’d rather be heavy than have cancer. But I just can’t help feeling that my excess baggage is bringing me down.