Scenic Sydney

I’m the rainmaker. Every time I go out for a run it rains. I can begin running in glorious sunshine and finish running in pouring rain. That’s what happens today. I’m getting to be quite the all weather runner! I’m loving running in the rain, it’s really refreshing!  That’s another 8km run in the bag – I am so gearing up for the Sun Run in 2 weeks – bring it on!

Our mate Lindsey is coming for a flying visit this weekend, she’s swinging by to say G’day before she heads off for more fun and frolics in New Zealand. She gets to us in record time and is remarkably perky for someone who has just survived a long haul flight! I say hi and then bye as I have to pop out to Weight Watchers. I have decided to bite the bullet and go for my monthly weigh in. As my work timetable has changed with the move to the new building, I have to move WW meetings from the city to the local WW meeting up the road. I tell my new leader about my dilemma and unstoppable weight gain. She’s very sympathetic and gives me some leaway today. As it is, I’m only 300 grams over my allowed weight and have actually lost a kilo since last month, although, I think that’s more luck than judgement! However, my leader says if I continue to gain weight I’ll have to get a letter from my doctor to testify my troubles and then she’ll have to contact WW Head Office with a view to readjusting my goal weight with something that is more manageable. I don’t want to get a new goal weight, I just want to be the weight I was before! Aargh!

I’m happy – the scales could have been a whole lot more scary. It must be my lucky day. So we go out and celebrate with a beauty of a breakfast at Xenos. If I only have 2 days with Lindsey, I have to try and show her as many of our favourite places as possible. And Xenos has to be top of the list for brilliant breakfasts!

David has some down time at home while we girls go to get some pretty pampering at the nail bar. We now have the nicest nails in town! It rains kangaroos and koalas all morning but by the time we’re done, it’s a dry day!

We take a walk to North Sydney and down to Lavender Bay so Lindsey can get her first glimpse of the stunning Sydney skyline. We find a hidden stairway that goes down to a lush, secret and very tropical garden. It looks and smells so beautiful after all the rain. It’s truly magical! Then we follow the boardwalk along the water into Luna Park which is full of weekend thrillseekers. We take a break in the bar, and sit by the window watching the world go by across the harbour. It’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

We head home to rest and recharge and Lindsey manages to squeeze in a quick power nap before our evening excursion. Tonight we’re off to Tracey’s surprise 50th birthay dinner at the Bavarian Beer Cafe. It’s hilarious because Tracey thinks she’s going there to have dinner with her husband and daughter but she’s in for a night with the girls! Her face is a picture! It’s a night of surprises  from the guests to the gift (a Tiffany bracelet) to the gorgeous cake (Tiffany inspired, of course!) Kathy’s friend, Lisa Portelli  made the cake and it looks amazing and tastes great too. It’s a night of  fun and  food, schnitzels and  schnapps,  and sparkles and surprises! Best of all, Kathy, Tracey and I have agreed to do the half marathon in September! Training together is tons more fun! Bring it on!