Kung Fu Biting

I’m up uber early to bid farewell to Lindsey. I feel pretty blue because a) I hate goodbyes and b) it sucks to be awake before the birds. However, a little later, Kathy’s Basic Training class has me in the pink and feeling pumped. It’s such a wonderful way to start the week.

Work is super busy because it’s test day and I only have this afternoon to complete all my reports and update all my records before I do the student interviews tomorrow. I make a  superhuman effort and manage to complete all the tasks on my list. It’s so satisfying!

It’s Mission Accomplished at work but there’s a whole stack of stuff  I want to do at home. And making some Ninja-bread Men is top of the list! This recipe is so easy to make and quick to prepare and best of all the uniced ninjas can go into the freezer. My trusty ninjas are in the oven before you can say “Kung Fu Fighting.” My oven is a terror, and it’s heat is as fierce as the Australian sun, so some of those poor little ninjas look a bit chargrilled. Black is back!

Dinner is somewhat of a surprise. We’re trying to consume the last of the home batch cooked dinners from the freezer. We think it’s Osso Bucco tonight but we can’t be sure. Whatever it is, it sure tastes good.

I’m trying a new sleep regime and am aiming to get 8 hours quality zzzs a night in an effort to boost my energy levels and speed up my metabolism. This is clearly a work in progress as I get sidetracked doing everything and nothing and hitting the hay well after 11. Oh well, I can try again tomorrow!