Holiday Eve!

Another early morning start – this time for Kristy’s Tuesday morning pump class. She’s on fire today! Her enthusiasm is infectious. I’m loving it!

Work is so busy. It’s interview day today. It’s such a pleasure to do business with my students; they are consummate professionals and such kind and decent people. The day flies by! I take the chargrilled ninjas to work and they go down a treat. Maybe the burnt bits just added to the flavour!

I meet Adam’s mum, Jane, (she of the Mango Salsa and Chocolate and Coconut Fudge fame,) for lunch. We have a champion chinwag and time flies by. Doesn’t it always when you’re having fun? She’s going back to Blighty on Friday; it’s so sad to say goodbye but I know we”ll meet again and I’m really happy that our paths crossed.

I can’t believe it! It’s Holiday Eve! This time tomorrow we’ll be in Perth, which incidentally is in the middle of a heatwave with temperatures topping 40 degrees. It’s going to be a sizzler! I’m really relieved because I’m totally up to date at work so at least I can go away with a clear conscience.

There might be a heatwave in Perth but the weather is totally miserable here. Think wet. Think wild! Nonetheless, I drag David to the Cabana bar next door for a quick beer, we’ve got to use our free-beers before the end of January so it’s now or never! It seems like too good an opportunity to miss, after all, we’re on holidays!

The lovely endo replies and says that I can have the blood tests to check my dose as soon as,  so blood testing will be top of my To-Do list when I get back from Perth. I had a mini-meltdown over my meds as I usually store them in the fridge and keep the strip that I’m using in the cupboard. However, they mustn’t get too hot or they lose their magic powers and I was thinking not only will they lose their magic, but they’ll probably melt in Perth! I sought the Pharmacist’s wise counsel and she said just chuck ’em all in the fridge. Better to be too cold than too hot. I second that!

The holiday preparations keep me out of  the kitchen  tonight, so much to pack and so little time to do it in!