Go West

It’s another early start, but today, I’m off to the airport, and not to the gym! We’re on holiday! Yay!

We’re usually quite tight ass and take the train to the aiport but today we decide to splash the cash and catch a cab so we arrive at the airport in style and in time! We have time to check out the shops, grab some breakfast and do some plane spotting!

The flight is uneventful apart from some toilet drama. My bladder can only take so much. The flight leaves late and the pilot is tardy in turning off the seatbelt sign and my bladder is absolutely bursting. The cabin crew won’t let me out of my seat even though they are trotting up the aisle with wild abandon. This is a recipe for disaster. Finally I can wait no more and breaking all the rules, take myself to the toilet. Some rules are made to be broken.

Despite leaving late, we arrive in Perth early to temperatures topping 38 degrees and it’s only 10am! Our friend Kim comes to meet us and takes us on tour but her air conditioning is stuffed, so the car is like a sauna. It’s almost a literal baptism of fire!

It’s a fun day in the sun, but we spend most of our time trying to stay cool and in the vicinity of air conditioning! We head down to the water to a beachside pub for lunch and then hang out at home and in shopping malls for the rest of the afternoon.

Later Kim drops us off at Stace and Steve’s where we instantly fall in love with their dog Jeff and their air conditioning! It’s a pretty chilled (in every sense of the word) evening. Steve creates some barbecue magic outside. The meat feast is cooked to perfection, despite the fact that there’s a smoke storm happening over the grill. We think the food is getting incinerated but then, we realise he’s accidentally cooking one of the plastic meat trays too!

Dinner is delicious – there’s chicken steak and Stacey’s Crunchy Asian Coleslaw – it’s divine! Stace and Steve’s friends, Renee and Michael come and join the party and Renee brings some of her perfect potato salad. Yum – oh!

It’s a great night but finally the bonhome, the beer and the 3 hour time difference catches up with us and we’re beat!