Happy Australia Day!

It’s Australia Day! Hooray! I wake up in Perth and smell the coffee.Literally! Stacey has a pot brewing and it’s class coffee! This is the life! It’s a sizzlingly sunny day so we hit the shops for some last minute provisions and then hurry home to stay cool in the air conditioning.

At lunchtime,we go and hang out at Stace’s mum and dad’s, Col and Robbie’s. I’m loving it, their house is like something straight out of Neighbours. It’s a big, sprawling bungalow with a beautiful, very inviting pool and a huge outdoor entertaining area which includes state of the art lighting, a big barbecue and an outside entertainment system. It’s way cool! There’s no better place to be on Australia Day! The afternoon is typically australian, spent splashing about in the pool, having a sausasage sizzle, eating lamingtons and drinking icy cold beer. It’s the best Australia Day ever!

We’re having such a lot of fun that it’s hard to drag ourselves away from Maison Col and Rob but drag ourselves we do, as we have to go back to the ranch and prepare for the night’s festivities. After a quick change and a chill out on the sofa, we pack the esky with enough food and drink to feed a small army and head off to South Beach. We find a super spot on the grass behind the beach and set up camp on our picnic blankets for the evening.

We’re joined by some of Steve and Stace’s mates and Kim and Josh head over and join us. It’s all really relaxed and there’s a beautiful breeze coming in off the ocean which cools everyone down. We can see lightning in the distance and there seems to be a massive storm brewing but the rain holds off, and after a fine feast and lots of liquid refreshment, it’s time for a fireworks fandango.

The fireworks are totally magical and seriously spectacular. It’s breathtaking watching the technicolour sky show over the ocean. It’s a special moment, in a special place with special people. Let the good times roll!