Big Bash Saturday

It’s another stunningly sunny morning in Western Australia and we have a breakfast date with our friends Kim and Terry. It’s chauffeur service too, they pick us up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 9am and we head back to Fishing Boat Harbour and our favourite watering hole, Little Creatures, for breakfast and bubbly! The company is corking, the food fantastic and the sun is sizzling. It’s a Breakfast Trifecta! We haven’t seen Terry for more than a year, and Kim for more than a day, so we have heaps to catch up on too. The bubbles and conversation keep on flowing! After breakfast we take a walk into Fremantle and check out the super cool markets for a little bit of retail therapy. I buy some wonderful wooden goods but could buy a whole lot more. I’m amazed at my own restraint!

By the time we’re done with breakfast and bonhomie, it’s early afternoon and the heat is on! Kim and Terry drop us back at Steve and Stace’s. I hope we won’t leave it so long to see them the next time! Back at the ranch, it’s all hands on deck to prepare for the cricket. Tonight we’re off to the WACA (Western Australian Cricket Association) to see the Big Bash 20/20 Final. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

The esky is packed, the sunscreen is on and we still have time to pop round to Robbie and Colleen’s to cool down with a quick dip in their pool! I feel like an extra on “Neighbours.” Once we’re cool and dry we head off to the WACA.

It’s Saturday evening, it’s 5pm, it’s 35 degrees and the place is packed to capacity. No wonder Perth’s team are called the Scorchers, because man, these guys are on fire! Whoever said cricket was boring was way off the mark. This place is pumping and the atmosphere is electric. I’d love to go for the Scorchers but that would just be so wrong seeing as they’re playing my home team, the Sydney Sixers, who also happen to play in pink, my favourite colour. By the looks and sounds of things it’s highly likely that David and I are the only Sydney supporters in the ground so we’re silently supporting tonight! There’s beer, beer snakes, mexican waves, pyrotechnics, 40 overs and my personal favourite, a group of men in all over lycra orange jumpsuits leaping around at random. If all that wasn’t exciting enough, Sydney take home the trophy with a 7 wicket victory. It’s a great night’s entertainment. I think I’ve been converted to cricket!