Holidays End

I think I spoke to soon about the quality zzzs as I was fully wide awake in the wee hours. My brain was busy as ever and despite my best efforts would just not shut off. Grrr! Still, it’s no drama as I get to lie in this morning. The nice hotel lady gave us a late 1pm checkout so we’re in no rush. We take our time and then head out to forage for food.

Stacey recommends a really cool little hole in the wall cafe called Tiger Tiger – lucky she told us about it because it’s so hidden away we’d never have found it left to our own devices. The coffee is good, the setting so secret and the only thing that spoils the magic is the rock hard poached eggs that seem to have been nuked to imperfection. It’s possibly the trendiest but definitely not the tastiest breakfast we’ve had out West! We walk off our breakfast with a city stroll and then head back to the Hilton for one last coffee (which comes courtesy of Mr Constantine the hotel manager – another one of our VIP perks) before we pack our bags, check out and set off for the airport.

I’m a bit po faced at the airport and drown my sorrows with my third coffee of the day. I think I have premature post holiday blues. I always hate holidays’ end, especially when the vacation has been as fun packed, friend filled and sun kissed as this one! Boo!

We have a new plane seat strategy. David prefers the window and I’m an aisle lady and we both refuse to be piggy in the middle. Usually we plan ahead and score a row that’s a two seater but it’s no-can-do today as all the rows are in threes. David decides to take the window seat and I go for the aisle in the hope that the plane isn’t full and work on the assumption that no one would choose to be sandwiched inbetween us. We do good. The flight isn’t packed to capacity and the middle seat is free for us to nap on with wild abandon.

The flight is a tad tedious. I have a short attention span and it’s well expired after five hours. We touch down in Sydney at 10.30pm to a muggy 30 degrees! It’s sticky and we’re sweaty. Somehow the dry, hot heat of Perth doesn’t seem so bad after all!