Back to the Real World

Damn you jet lag! You keep me awake half the night throwing my body clock thrown into a state of flux with the plus three hour time difference! I’m like a total zombie. Of course, I don’t manage to make it  to my Tuesday morning pump class. Let’s face it I can just about lift my head off the pillow, let alone weights above my head.

Thankfully my energy levels increase as the day goes on and I soon get back in the swing of things at work. It’s business as usual and by lunchtime, I feel like I need another holiday! I’ve got a busy week ahead with a diary full of doctor’s appointments so there’s a lot to organise with my days and odd hours off. I steam through my To-Do list and feel suitably self satisfied!

After work I meet David who is kind enough to bring my bag as I’ve decided to run home tonight. The weather conditions are perfect; cloudy and not too warm or muggy. There was a time when I would run home once a week, weather permitting, but I’ve been seriously slack recently. It’s hard yakka but I love it – running through the city and across the Harbour Bridge. I always get a thrill running across the harbour and always make sure I take a sneak peak at the scenery! It takes me a while to plod along the pavement, but when I do finally arrive home, I feel an enormous sense of achievement! I also feel sore. Very sore indeed. I stretch with gusto and hope that I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.

Dinner is an egg-cellent feast of Kumara Tortilla with smoky capsicum sauce. It’s my first attempt and it’s pretty tasty. It’s not an all-time-favourite but we’d certainly eat it again. I like it because it’s fresh and simple and great for a midweek dinner.

I’m faffing despite my fatigue and before I know it, it’s after 11pm and I want  to be in bed before 10! Aaargh! There just aren’t enough hours in the day, or for that matter, the night. I’ve got some serious catching-up-with-my-sleep to do!