Super Sun-Day

I sleep like a baby and don’t wake up til 9.30! This must be my lie-in personal best. Still, there’s no time to waste and I’m out of bed with a hop, skip and a jump and ready to run. I’m up for a little bit keep-fit-hair-of-the-dog and am ready to pound the pavement. I manage a 5km round the block in glorious sunshine. It’s hot and I’m happy.

It seems like it’s a Sunday to sleep in. Everyone has a big sleep today but at least David’s folks have a good excuse. That’s some jet lag they’ve got to sleep off! Once we’re all up and about we head out to enjoy the sunshine. This is Sydney at it’s finest; basking in golden sunlight and with a lovely cool breeze.

We walk down to North Sydney, check out the secret garden and the stunning harbour views and then take a waterside walk to Luna Park where we take a rest and some liquid refreshment. After we’ve enjoyed the stunning scenery we catch the ferry to Darling Harbour and  have a  leisurely stroll before heading home.

I have some time out of the kitchen and down my tools for the day. It’s a total bake-free zone! I don’t have to do dinner either as we’re out for Thai tonight. I’m doubly delighted because a) it’s my favourite food and b) I don’t have to cook it! Happy days!