Movies and Moonlight

Ah, open air cinema!I wake up fully wide awake at 4am. Bah! Sleep come back! Where have you gone? However, after a nice cup of tea and a surf on the net I’m ready to catch up on quality zzzs. My lack of sleep leaves me feeling like a limp biscuit and  seriously scuppers my plans for an early morning run!

Still, I may not be recharged but at least I get to refuel with a proper breakfast before I head off to work. It’s another mad busy day but I still get find some time to munch lunch with David. I’ve got enough work to keep me out of mischief for a good while, so I stay behind after work to catch up and wait for David and the rellos because tonight we’re going to the movies en famille.

However, this is no ordinary night at the movies. We’re going to the outdoor cinema at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. This is an extrodinarily excellent experience where the giant screen comes out of the water, and is flanked by views of the awesome Opera House and the Bridge on one side, and the city skyline on the other. I always think it’s so hard to focus on the film here, because there’s such stunning scenery to look at!

Anyway, we arrive early, save our seats and then head out into the Botanic Gardens for a picnic in the park. It’s all very jolly apart from the bit where we are  stalked by a hungry Ibis! After a quick bar run, and narrowly avoiding being pooped on by a flying fox, we take our seats and settle down. It’s movie time! The panorama is just breathtaking. Sydney is as beautiful by night as it is by day, if not moreso, if that is at all possible. It’s totally amaze-a-balls! I love it!

We’re seeing This Means War quite by chance, and only because it was the only movie that had tickets left! You see these outdoor cinema tickets sell like hot cakes and it’s quite a Mission Impossible to get some. We feel quite lucky and somewhat smug to be here! Despite the fact that it stars two rather handsome fellows, I’m hard pressed to keep my eyes on the screen, as I’m spellbound by the magical view! There’s a minor panic there and major embarrassment when I pop to the loo and get proper lost on my way back! It seems like forever for me to find my seat!

Anyway, there’s magic, moonlight and a pretty marvellous movie – the perfect ingredients for an excellent evening. There’s nothing better than summer in Sydney.