That’s the way the cookies crumble!

I wake up and it’s dark and wet. It seems like Summer has only made a fleeting visit and now Winter already has it’s foot in the door! I still manage to make it to Kristy’s Pump Class and as usual, it really rocks. It always leaves me on a natural high all day and today is no exception.

It’s always super busy in test week at work and I’m run off my feet today. I don’t stop from the minute I walk in the door, to the minute I walk out of it! On the way home, I swing by the supermarket for some last minute ingredients. Doh! I must have the Thyroid Fog! Gone are the days when I would remember to buy all my ingredients for the week in a one stop shop to the supermarket. These days, I’m popping in for forgotten foods on a daily basis which is wasting my time and my money! I vow to be more organised next week.

David and his folks pop out for some liquid refreshment at one of our local watering holes but I want to go home and do a bit of baking. It’s the way I unwind – strange but true! Ever since our visit to the Australian War Memorial, I’ve wanted to make some Anzac Biscuits. In my humble opinion, these are the national biscuits of Australia. They get their name from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) and in wartime, these tasty  treats were sent from the women at home to the soldiers abroad because the ingredients don’t spoil and the biscuits are hardy travellers. They’re also dead easy and really cheap to make. As the cookies travel so well and keep so long, me thinks that they’re the ideal edible gift for David’s folks to take home to feed the rest of the family.

Then it’s time to get on with din-dins. Tonight , it’s Maureen and Bryan’s Last Supper…at home. Tomorrow we’re out for dinner but tonight I’m taking the easy way out with some Cheat’s Chilli from the freezer. David’s mum doesn’t eat red meat so tonight we’re eating turkey  instead of the usual beef. You can hardly taste the difference. It’s a mexican fiesta with tortillas, cheese and some super hot mexican chilli sauce we bought in Perth. We’re on fire!

I’m planning to try Donna Hay’s Peach and Raspberry Coconut Crumble for dessert. It’s the perfect summer dessert, light, fresh and totally scrumptious. Peaches are seriously in season now and it’s ideal for Maureen as she’s trying to stay away from wheat! I’m just about to throw it all together and I realise I haven’t got any maple syrup! Bah! I treat myself to a little bit of extra excercise and pop up to the shops to get some. What was I saying earlier about trying to be more organised? Fortunately, we live  near to the supermarket so tragedy is averted. Dessert is really delicious. It’s super sweet so I might try less sugar next time. I’m also thinking how well this would go with my Mango and Coconut Gelato. Maybe next time I’ll try the crumble with mango. Yum! It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!

Still no time to salivate, I’ve got some sleep to catch up on!