Feeding is Fun

It’s quite an effort to drag my lazy butt out of bed this morning but I just about manage it and go out to pound the pavement for a morning run. It’s so early, it’s still dark! Holy Koalas! However, it’s all good, I run super fast, or at least that’s how it feels and I manage to shave a few seconds off my personal best. What a fortuitous start to the day!

I hardly have a minute to scratch myself today. I am super busy. Again! It’s report writing week which as usual  is totally full on. I juggle my time to plan my lessons, write all my reports, shuffle all my paperwork, prepare some new activites and still manage to make it to Tatsuya’s Japanese Calligraphy class.  I can’t stay long but I practice my strokes and Tatsuya says I’m a real pro! I’m stoked!

It’s Wednesday and the Feeder Programme is ON! I bring in some of  my surplus Mega Choc-Chip Cookies to share at work and they get rave reviews. I feel bad about my local homeless guy so I save him a few and luckily catch him when he is having coffee so now he’s got something delicious to dunk. Giving feels good. I’m also on the receiving end of the Feeder Programme too. Paula brings me more healthy eats and this time it’s Cheesy Quinoa Bites. They’re super healthy and super tasty too. I must try these at home.

It’s a night out of the kitchen and out on the town tonight as it’s the folks last supper in Sydney. We have a little adventure out to the inner western suburb of Haberfield; Sydney’s version of Little Italy. We take Maureen and Bryan to the restaurant David and I taste tested a while ago and they love it. We have an excellent evening.

It’s going to suck to say goodbye but we won’t have too long to wait for our family reunion on British Terra Firma. The countdown is on!