Banana Drama

It’s the day I’ve been dreading… weigh in at Weight Watchers! I’m up and about early for this auspicious event, but, when I arrive at the venue, it’s all locked up. The leader is in a bit of a flap vis a vis the unexpected turn of events and after much ado, we have an alfresco weigh in, right there on the grass, in the middle of my local shopping street! Hilarious! As it is, the weigh in ladies are without their records so they don’t realise I’m still 100g over my maxiumum weight, they’re just pleased that I’ve lost 200g since last month. (It’s a miracle!)

Buoyed by my light fantastic, I set off to the gym for one hour of pure pump. Later, we go out for our Saturday ritual of coffee and the one-stop-grocery-shop.

I’ve got a whole heap of bananas to use and am looking forward to getting stuck into Paula’s  Moist and Healthy Banana Bread but there’s no LSA in the supermarket! Oh no! I find a recipe for Easy Banana Bread – sounds good to me – how hard can it be? It’s a doddle to make, basically I just throw everything in the food processor but then there’s a slight technical hitch. There looks an awful lot of mixture for the tin. Being such a stickler, I follow the recipe to the letter including the size of the tin, pop it into the oven and hope for the best. A little while later, I peep in the oven to check on my banana bread’s progress and it’s messy. Very messy! The mixture has exploded all over the oven and there is banana goo, hanging off the shelves, melting on the bottom and dribbling down the sides. Bah! I quickly and messily transfer the mixture to a bigger tin, mop up what I can with some kitchen roll and chuck it back in the oven hoping for the best. Amazingly, the end result is pretty good, even if it does take me the rest of the afternoon to scrub the oven! It’s never looked so clean!

We spend the rest of the day catching up on Biggest Loser which is really hotting up now. I’m always amazed at how much the contestants can do physically and how much time they spend working out. They’re inspirational!

Rockmelons and kiwis are at super low prices right now so I splash out and make some uber delicious Rockmelon and Kiwi Pops. They’re quick and easy to make and the perfect sweet treat in this super hot weather! What’s more, they’re iodine free! The best part was I had to blend the fruit so  I finally dug out the smoothie maker, that my mum gave me years ago, now it’s out and about, maybe we’ll finally start to use it! My mind is boggling with the super smoothies we can create!

In the evening, I take some time out from the kitchen and go to our local Nepalese. I love this cuisine because the food is so tasty and spicy but not as hot or as rich as Indian food. We’re dining out on one of those snazzy Groupon vouchers tonight so we feast on a banquet and by the time we’ve polished off the entrees, the main, a dessert and  a bottle of wine, we’re just about ready to pop!