The Last Day of Summer

I don’t know how it works – but I have more time to get ready this morning  and still leave later than usual! Anyway, things tick over nicely at work and it turns out to be a really rather productive day.

The nice lady from the hospital finally phones me back and fixes up my ultrasound and scan appointments for June. It’s a bit Krypton Factor and a lot more complicated than I first thought, but now I know what I’m in for, it doesn’t seem quite so bad. I’ll have to have the gold plated Thyrogen injections on the Monday and Tuesday  before the appointment. I have to have the jabs in the morning at the same sort of time each day so it sucks to say, more time off work! Then on the Wednesday it’s off to the hospital for blood tests, the ultrasound and to get all radioactive. I won’t be nearly as lethal and dangerous as last time, they’ll send me home for a couple of days to let the radiation brew and then I go back on the Friday for the scan and, all will be revealed. At least, I think that’s how it’s going to work. I won’t be under house arrest or living like a social leper so I am almost looking forward to it! I’ll only be off work for a week – I just think it’s so ironic that I’ve never had a job  that I loved so much, yet, I’ve never taken so much time off!

It’s just another reminder of the Big C and it’s gross inconveninece. I prefer not to be a winging pom and would really rather count my blessings, I’m lucky that my treatment and follow up has been so painless and relatively simple. I’m one of the lucky ones. Nevertheless, the whole process is irksome and that Cancer is hanging around like an unwanted guest!

I’ll have to be iodine free for the two weeks preceeding the scan. In the meantime, I can keep busy sourcing some more iodine free feeds. I won’t contaminate anyone if  I cook  for them either, so I’ll be baking up a storm and loving it!

I get to meet David for lunch which is always a treat and grab a coffee with Jane so I’m feeling the love all round. Sometimes, it’s the quality not the quantity of time you spend with  the special peeps that counts!

It’s the last day of Summer today, and it looks like it’s beat a hasty retreat, we’ve by passed Autumn and Winter’s already here! It’s cold, dark and seriously soggy. Yuk! Still on the flip side, I’ve got some wonderful warmer clothes that I can’t wait to wear! Every cloud really does have a silver lining!

 It’s wet and wild and I start to reconsider my decision to go to Basic Training after work. Sofa or sport – that is the question? In the end, I decide to set those endorphins free and bite the bullet at BT. The class is a bit smaller than usual so Craig mixes it all up with some team challenges and even a relay race! It takes me way out of my comfort zone but it’s tons of fun and I feel like my batteries are really recharged.

David’s at football so I’m home alone and slowly but surely work through my Things-To-Do list. The list is still long but tomorrow is another day!