3 Ingrediet Mint Raita

3 ingredient mint raita

This three ingredient mint raita is quick, easy and totally delicious.

It’s the perfect side to any curry and makes a great appetiser too served up with some crudites or poppadoms. You can make it with minimal prep in less than a minute if you have a food processor or a Thermomix and without an appliance, just use your ninja chopping skills.

Mint is the one herb that I managed to grow in my doomed herb garden. Since we moved to our apartment, I’ve made three enthusiastic attempts to make a herb garden on my balcony and each time it’s been dessimated by a variety of creepy crawlies. They even ate my mint! Wah! I was so disheartened that I gave up on herbs and resigned myself to a future of buying supermarket herbs at $3 a pop. Sigh.

However, there is a happy ending. After I gave up on the herbs and tried plants with flowers instead. I don’t know what plants I have, but I do know that a kindly customer at Bunnings told me they never die. The latter fact is not entirely true because some caterpillars made short shrift of a couple of my balcony boxes, but some of plants are still alive which is nothing short of a miracle. I know they’re no use if I want to make raita but they sure are pleasing on the eye!

Still, this is one dip that’s worth buying supermarket herbs for!

Do you grow your own herbs? Have you got green fingers?


Serves 4-10 (easily halved)


3 tablespoons fresh mint

400g Greek-style yoghurt

1 tablespoon lemon juice

salt and pepper, to taste


How to – Traditional

    1. Chop the mint in a food processor. Add the yoghurt and lemon juice and blitz again.
    2. Season well and serve.

3 ingredient mint raita 4

How to – Thermomix

    1. Chop the mint by dropping it through the hole in the lid with the blades running on speed 7.
    2. Add the yoghurt and lemon juice and mix for 15 seconds  on speed 4.
    3. Season to taste and serve.