A Super Soiree

Retail therapy – there’s nothing like it! I am such a sucker for a bargain, even when it’s not a bargain! I get an email from my favourite sports couture store, Lorna Jane inviting me to become a VIP member with all the thrills, spills and discounts that that entails. The only thing I have to do is to blow  150 bucks. No arm twisting necessary. I’m out the door and in the store while the money is burning a hole in my pocket! It’s just an added bonus that my mate Trace, is manager of said store, so it’s twice as nice, I get to gossip and spend money! I leave the store with an awesome new outfit and my purchases entitle me to a free barbecue tools set from the shopping centre, so I can return home with gifts for David and I! Sweet!

Saturday passes us by with the gathering of groceries and a Biggest Loser Marathon. It’s all getting very juicy. We still find time to make a guest appearance at the gym and feel fitter and more fabulous for it!

Tonight we’re off to La Soiree at the Opera House. Opportunities to go to the Opera House are like buses, you wait ages for one, and then two come along at once! We’re at the freaky white building for the second time in a week, but tonight, we’re not in the Concert Hall proper, but in one of the smaller studios. I’m pretty sure the show starts at 8pm but as we’re leaving home at 6.30, David checks the details and we realise with horror that it starts at 7pm! Aye Carumba! The sky is chucking it down but we brave the elements, grab a cab and make a mad dash, arriving at the theatre with literally minutes to spare and even squeeze in a bar run. Heaven knows, we need a drink to calm our frazzled nerves! We must look quite a sight sprinting through the Opera House (not easy in 3 inch heels – and that’s me, not David!)  like something out of the Amazing Race – gone wrong!

Anyway, the show is absolutely spectacular and a total treat. It’s an eclectic mix  of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary vaudeville and it’s absolutely fabulous! There is Captain Frodo, the super freaky double jointed man, Ursula Martinez, the stripping magician, The English Gents who take acro-balancing to a whole new level, and much, much more to adore! My personal favourite is David O’Mer the bathtub boy famous for his amazing aerial bath ballet and his stupendous six pack. Man, the wet look is IN! We have such a fun evening and finish it all off with one last drink for the road in one of our favourite city pubs. Oh, what a night!