A Cheer for One Year!

I should probably be certified – I’m out and pounding the pavement, and it’s so early, even the sun isn’t awake yet! I go fast and go hard, I don’t want to be late and make Tracey wait! I meet her half way along my running route and we have a fun run together. I’m back home and stretched out before the sun rises! Not bad for a morning’s work.

On my way to work, I realise that it’s almost a year to the day since the cancer diagnosis the first time round! Wow! That seems like aeons ago!  I still remember the day that I got the call, it was super weird, like having an out of body experience. Two surgeries, two weeks of radioactivity and what seems like hundreds of doctor’s appointments later, here I am, feeling fit and fabulous! There’s no way that I’d wish what has happened to me on anyone…  me, my friends and family could have done without the stress and the heartache for sure, but day to day is,  dare I say it, even better than it was before.  I’m living for, and enjoying the moment and don’t take anything for granted. Isn’t it a crazy world we live in that something like Cancer and has to come up behind you and bite you on the arse to make you smell the roses and count your blessings?

Contemplations of the meaning of life aside, the day passes quickly and after work, Jitka and I go to visit Romey and her nearly new baby, Sachi. I’m more a puppy person than a baby bod, but even I have to admit, Sachi is pretty as a picture and cuteness personified. She doesn’t cry either, even when we pass her around like a hot potato – everyone wants a  quick cuddle. Romey joins the Feeder Programme with gusto and is delighted with her Anzac Slice with Golden Icing. She has a trial taste and gives it the thumbs up!

Time is marching on and we have to head home. By the time I throw some veggies in the wok and have dinner, it’s pretty late so I’m secretly relieved when Kathy cancels our training session tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty pooped. My sleep schedule has been suffering this week and I’m lacking quality zzz’s. I’m not going to stress out about it, I’ll just try and play catch up at the weekend instead!