Tuffin’ out the Muffins

I went to bed way too late to get up early, and had another night of sleeping as light as a feather. I drag my lazy bones out of bed and wait for Wayne the Caretaker. This morning he’s bobbing over in his role as “Wayne the Wasp Commando” as he zaps an ever-growing wasp nest outside the spare room window. A whole load of angry wasps start buzzing around, and I think how ill timed it is, because I’m just about to head out in their direction on my way to work! Wayne’s work isn’t done, he has to go up onto the roof in an effort to eject the nest from the building! Ewww!

Work is busy, busy, busy but I still find time to meet David for lunch. What a treat! The day whizzes by and I’m buried under a pile of marking, but before I know it, it’s time for Nike Running Club. Tonight, Tracey is joining me but we’re in a bit of a quandry about what to do… to run or not to run, that is the question! You see tonight, there is special womens’ only Nike Training Club (which is basically like circuit or basic training) to prepare all the peeps for She Runs the Night. Tracey is a bit adverse to the idea as she’s still hurting from the joys of Kathy and I am well up for it. In the end, we compromise and settle on a sneaky 7km run. The route is totally awesome and takes us through the Botanic Gardens and right around the harbour. It’s absolutely spectacular and conditions are perfect. Tonight everyone is in the yellow running club shirts and I’m in my red vest! Talk about sticking out like a big sore thumb! The pace is a tad slower than Monday but the distance is greater so it’s a case of 6 and 2 threes. I’m looking forward to knocking spots off my time next week!

It turns out to be a pretty productive evening as I still manage to make some Banana and Cinnamon Muffins which I’ve been dying to try from my new Donna Hay cookbook. They’re so simple and speedy to make, and I hope they’re yummy to eat. I’m yet to find out if they taste terrific as David is at football tonight, so I’m without my official taste tester!