Fantastic Friday

Hurrah! It’s Friday! And what a fantastic friend-filled Friday it turns out to be!

I wake up with legs like the Tin Man. My muscles can hardly move. I guess, I have Kathy to thank for that! Just as well, I’m not training today, it’s an effort to walk, let alone run!

The morning whizzes by and before I know it’s time for lunch with Leda. Luckily, I don’t forget our arrangement, but I do forget Leda’s batch of Banana and Cinnamon Muffins! She’s the one having the baby, and it seems that I’m the one with the baby brain! Doh! How does that work? Still, with or without the muffins, it’s a glorious day and we sit out in the sun and have a good ole girlie gossip.

It’s the end of the working week, the weather is fabulous and I’m just oozing happiness! I feel it proper seeping out of my pores! There’s no special reason why, I’m happy, just for the hell of it! The afternoon just gets better when the work posse get together for a little liquid refreshment. It seems like an age since I’ve been out for Friday night with friends and I think I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms!  We go to a huge outside bar round the corner from the office and are lucky enough to score a table so we can make the most of  the sunshine.

I get to catch up with Chrissy, the brains and the barnet behind the totally awesome Hair Romance. It’s a total ripper of a blog and  if you haven’t visited yet, what are you waiting for? I’m totally in awe of her absolute fabulousness and aside from that, she’s a total follicle oracle. I don’t think there is a hair question that she can’t answer!

Chrissy gets me hooked on Instagram; a totally cool app for my iphone that has a whole heap of fabulous photo effects. They even make my photos look good! I’m going to have lots of fun –  playing with it with wild app-andon!

David’s not feeling crash hot, and talking of  hot, makes me think of tonight’s dinner! How about a Thai Red Pumpkin Curry – it’s a smart supper, as pumpkin  is cheap as chips and top of the crops right now. I grate half my finger off prepping the ginger so decide to quit while I’m ahead and save myself from a bucketload of blisters, and leave the skin on the pumpkin. The green skin especially, is so good for you and so full of flavour. I’m kilo conscious and using low fat coconut milk and hoping what I lose in flavour I’ll win at weigh-in! It’s Weight Watchers tomorrow! Aaargh!

David takes an instant dislike to the pumpkin with it’s skin… and that’s before he’s tasted it! He proceeds to swirl it round his pool of curry and looks at it with unconcealed disgust. He says the curry is tasteless and watery and then tries to backtrack by saying that it’s probably because his tastebuds are shot. That doesn’t really make me feel any better, but I’ll tell you what does… it just means there’s more for me!