Packing in the Pump

There’s a battle within. I really want to stay in bed but really need to go to pump. However, where there’s a will there’s a way and I decide to pump into action. It’s not easy but once I’m in the gym,  I’m firing on all cylinders! Kristy isn’t there today and her replacement Dan (the man) is a young and spritely fellow. I’m pleased I put in the hard yards and that extra effort to get out of bed because now I get to try out the new pump programme. It’s hard and it hurts, but it feels goooood!

Amazingly, I leave the house earlier than usual and once I’m at work it’s non-stop. I’m still trying to track  down someone at the Australian Thyroid Foundation to get my pill chill contraption. I hadn’t even considered the implications of travelling with thyroixine and am starting to see it’s quite a mission, mainly because the pills have to be chilled at all times. The ATF produce a specially designed pill pouch but trying to get hold of somebodyand order one before I leave, is proving nigh impossible! Finally I touch base with the President of the org, Beverley who promises to put in an order first thing tomorrow and assures me that I’ll soon be the proud owner of a pill chiller, and if it doesn’t arrive by the time I leave, it will definitely be with David before he heads off into the sunset!

Never a dull moment! Whoever thought drugs could be so complicated! Then Beverley tells me that I have mix and match thyroxine and that this isn’t good. I take 1x75mg tablet and 1x50mg tablet and each one is a different brand. It turns out one is the generic version and not as good as the original. The chemist has stiffed me! I’m onto it and phone the chemist to order the Real McCoy immediately!

The Feeder Programme is rocketing into orbit this week. Today I share  David’s Marble Cake round the staff roomafter all he’s had his cake and eaten it! Leda also gets to taste test it when we meet for lunch and there’s some  Easy Banana Bread for the homeless guy on the corner. I hope everyone doesn’t get too hungry when I’m on holiday!

I pop to the shops on the way home and then prepare to pack for happy holidays. I get all technical and charge up my notebook computer and even manage to charge and connect my English mobile. I feel oh-so-modern!

It’s another fish dish for dinner tonight, we’re trying Donna Hay’s Caramelised Lime Fish, it’s healthy, tasty and takes just minutes to make. It’s really good! 

We just have time to let our dinner go down before we get down to the business of packing. Everyone who knows me will know that packing is my nemesis. When I was a kid, my mum packed for me, when I was an adult, my friends packed for me, and now I am a wife, my husband packs for me! I am without a doubt the World’s Worst Packer and I’ve learnt from experience that it’s best to leave it to the professionals. I am travelling “light” with a small selection of clothes, a jumble of gym stuff and lots of space which I’m planning to fill up with a whole new wardrobe! David expertly packs all my things with just some odds and sods to add on the day of departure. I’m having a bit of  deja vu looking at the packed suitcase, and I think back to October, when my case was packed in a similar style, and then unpacked just a few days later. I might have gone to hospital, instead of on holiday, but that was then and this is now. No time to look back, there’s too much to look forward to! Holidays ahoy!