Happy Hair Day

Hooray for Wednesday! Mine starts dark and early for a friendly 5km run round the block with Tracey. The good thing about running buddies is that they keep you on track (excuse the pun) because, if it hadn’t been for my buddy, I would have foregone the run and settled for a sneaky lie-in instead! However, we’re fast and fabulous and although I wasn’t really wanting to run this morning, I’m so pleased I did!

The Feeder Programme is going from strength to strength. I take the homeless guy the last bit of David’s Marble Cake. Later on my way home, I see him walking along withone of hiss homeless mates who is eating my cake. At first, my pride gets the better of me and I think how ungrateful my homeless man is for not eating my cake and how shot his tastebuds must be for not enjoying my humble offerings! However, I get a grip and put my pride on one side and instead, feel a warm and fuzzy glow as I think how his caring and sharing is just expanding the Feeder Programme, more cake for more people to enjoy – spreading baked goods and happiness near and far! Isn’t that the idea?!

The day just gets better and better. Beverley the oh-so-awesome President of the Australian Thyroid Foundation has been a woman of her word and has gone above and beyond the call of duty in her efforts to get my pill chiller to me. I can hardly believe it when David phones to tell me the parcel arrives just after lunch – 24 hours from order to delivery, now that’s what I call service! I really appreciate the effort Beverley has gone to on my behalf, especially as she has plenty on her plate right now, with a new born baby grandson on the scene, what a Wonder Woman! That’s one less thing for me to worry about! Now I’m ready and set to go!

However, I can’t go anywhere before I attend to my hair, and I use the term loosely. Right now it’s looking like a birds nest on a bad day! Thank heavens for Heather, hairdresser extraordinaire! I have become so attached to her, I could not even bear the thought of  anyone else going near my hair! As usual, she works her magic and my hair looks almost human again with some snazzy scissor work and a little  light fantastic! I feel like a new woman!

New Hair!


I don’t know quite how much more good stuff I can fit into one day but I’m on a roll, so I keep on going. After the hairdressers I go for a proper girlie gossip over a  delicious dinner with Pippa at the aptly named Sam’s Thai! We feel like two little ships passing in the night, she’s just got back from a long holiday and I’m just off. It’s so good to reconnect and have a quick catch up.

Only 3 more sleeps till holiday! I hope I’m not too excited to sleep! Missing out on my trip home and having the cancer diagnosis and all the hulabaloo that followed was tough, but now, that I’m getting a second chance to take the trip, I appreciate it all the more and am looking forward to it twice as much. Nothing’s going to stop me now!