Packing, pampering and preparing!

5.30 It’s my last training session with Kathy for a while and she is really going for it today! We’re not going to train together for about 6 weeks and this is a woman on a mission! It’s like she wants to cram six weeks of exercise and six weeks of pain into 60 minutes! Even my abs are worked to the bone but I’m hoping the hard yakka results in a stunning six pack! Unlikely, I know, but I live in hope!

I have a really fun day at work and get to catch up with Kitty at lunch. The afternoon flies by and then the holiday prep begins in earnest! First stop is the nail bar for a  manicure and pedicure so my feet finally look almost human. I stop off at the pharmacy to get the brand name thyroxine and feel an enormous sense of wellbeing now that I can take the real deal! Designer label drugs… whatever next! Then a quick pit stop at home, to catch up on emails, prepare some packing and then it’s off to the local beauty salon for some more grooming! Now I’m fit to fly!

Tonight there’s a bit of a role reversal. It’s dinner by David! He does an awesome job of Sausages with the Lot – we manage to use all the dregs from the fridge and dig out the sausages from the freezer. I always think food tastes so much better when you don’t cook it yourself, but even so, this is especially delicious. 

I read an article by Andrew Bolt in the paper today about Jim Stynes an Aussie sporting legend who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 45. You can read the whole caboodle here. In summary,  it is about Styne’s all-round awesomeness and how he lived his life to the full, literally, right up to his dying day. In 2004, he said  “when you’re really young, it’s easy not to live the moment. Then when you get older, you realise you had a really great opportunity and missed it because you didn’t realise what it meant, you hadn’t evolved as a human being to the point where you could really appreciate it.” Here, here!  Andrew Bolt, the writer, goes on to say what a gift it is, “to squeeze the joy from every short day we are granted.” It goes on to talk about people who are slaves to routine and says  that “all those people who seem not to realise how few days we really have, and how little point there is to living them if not to wring out their every possibility.”  This rings too true. I’m definitely getting my value added out of every day and I’m living it large. I have Cancer to thank for that. Honest and true because I’m not just living, I’m fully and fabulously ALIVE!