Hail, King David

My mum is a big advocate of batch baking; eat one, freeze one and save on the energy bills too! So today, I try out the best of British bakes; a Madeira Cake and a Cherry Cake from the cookbook that accompanies the TV programme The Great British Bake Off. I manage to squeeze both cakes into the top oven but burn them both. That top oven may be small but it’s fierce and mighty! The cakes have a crusty top but they still taste like a bite of Britain!

The Feeder Programme is going great guns here in the mother country. The gardener is in situ today and for morning tea we serve up Walnut Cake and for afternoon tea he tries out the Cherry Cake. As if that wasn’t enough to be going on with, we pack him off with some Madeira Cake as a take home treat.

David should have been in Lincoln at lunchtime but he got delayed en route so I make good use of the time on my side and go out for a run. I follow the 5km route that he mapped out for me and to check I stay on track I write the directions on my hand. I don’t fancy another one of those scenic detours I enjoyed the other day! I soon see why I got so hopelessly lost earlier in the week, I was running in completely the wrong direction! Doh! Anyway, today I run right and make good time and get home without incident!

After lunch, I pop to the local Co Op for some last minute ingredients and can’t believe my good fortune! The Co Op store maybe local, but it’s large and guess what? It has a branch of my favourite clothes store Dorothy Perkins  inside! So after I live it large buying my onions, I swing by the store, and pick up some more incredible items on sale! Fancy that – garments and groceries!

Then it’s time to pick up David from the station – the poor love – jet lagged to the max! Reunited at last! David boosts his energy with a cup of tea and some Cherry Cake and is able to stay awake long enough for Mummy’s super sausage supper . David fades fast and retires early, and after such a busy day, I’m hot on his heels!