Robin Hood Revisited

We have a lovely long lie in and a bacon butty breakfast at Linda and Geoff’s. After a belly full of  bread and bacon and a serious caffeine fix, Linda takes us on a scenic tour of Nottingham.

First we check out West Bridgford,  Linda’s neighbourhood and then do a drive by of my old stomping ground, the Meadows, checking out all my old student digs and mummy’s former maison. It’s a real blast from the past! Then we head into the city and our trusty guide points out all the scenic spots and important landmarks. The city has certainly changed a lot while I’ve been away! Not suprising really, it’s almost 20 years since I was here at uni!

Sadly our tour comes to an end and so does our time with Linda, so we say a fond farewell and hope it won’t be too long before we meet again. David and I have a few hours to kill and we’re on a mission! A mission to shop! We hit the stores and off we go!

The temperature has plummeted and I feel like a human icicle so I’m now the proud owner of a big bobble hat with ear flaps and massive wooly mittens to match. They should keep me warm for a while! David doesn’t leave Robin Hood country empty handed either, he’s got some snuggly sweaters and some new jeans and I find a dress I wanted that  I lusted after in Lincoln. We’re what you call happy shoppers!

We plan to stop off at the brewery for lunch but you know what they say about the best laid plans and all that. The heavens open and we get totally soaked and we’re very chilled but not in a good way. It’s so freezing, we’re nearly sneezing! We grab a take away sarnie, warm up with some bad coffee and wait for our train.

We are looking forward to fine dining tonight but it looks like our plans are scuppered. The carpet fitter is coming and he’s running late which means we’ll be too late for our dinner date. We settle on a Chinese take away which is a poor consolation but beats slaving over a hot stove. The food is edible but despite us all having different dishes everything tastes the same, tasteless! The Ch-English is a bit of a culinary letdown but by the time we eat it, we’re too frazzled to fret!