So long Lincoln! Hello Newcastle!

It’s really quite an effort to get out of bed this morning. I sleep like a log and wake up with proper brain fog. My mum has pulled out all the stops for breakfast and has prepared a fabulous fruit medley just for me!

After a little more pottering and packing, I head out for my last run in Lincoln. It may be my last pop around the block, but hell, it’s the first time I’ve ever run 5km in a hoody! And with the hood up! It’s freezing today and there’s no way I can face the elements with only my trusty singlet! If it’s any colder than this  in Newcastle I will have to go running with hat, scarves and gloves… and hoody!

I still have time to take a walk with my mum and the pooch before the morning flies by in a flurry of packing and preening. Before we know it, it’s time to set off for the station. We allow more than double the usual time but the traffic is shocking and we get stuck at almost every red light in and around the city. Ain’t that always the way? As it is, we arrive just in time for a fast farewell before I run to catch my train and get on with minutes to spare.

It’s not quite how I imagined my long goodbye with my mum. Time is such a funny thing isn’t it? When I first arrived at my mum’s it seemed like we had ages ahead of us and after just  a few days it seemed like I’d been there forever and now, it seems that time has just flown by so quick. I really feel like we’ve been beaten by the clock! I know I’ll see my mum in a year, which in the big scheme of things, isn’t so long at all, but right now it seems like an eternity. The shortage of time probably worked in our favour, there would have been tears at train time had we had a long goodbye!

I don’t often get comments on the blog, so when I do, I get real excited about it. Today is no exception and  I’m thriled to see the comment from Sara at Sew Appetising and when I click back  on her blog, I find that I she has given me not one, but two blogging awards which just about makes my day! If you don’t believe me, visit her blog and check it out for yourself!

Happy Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

I change trains at Doncaster and hop into the first class carriage where I live it large and make the most of the free wi-fi, drinks and snacks. It’s pretty snazzy. This is the top way to travel by train!

Finally I arrive at Newcastle and David, Maureen and Bryan come to meet me and then chauffeur me back to the ranch. There’s just time to have a cuppa, say hello to the rest of the family before getting ready for a repast and a reunion with all David’s old mates. Old mate Bob does us proud and books us a table at the Black Horse; a retro/gastro pub owned by Pete Zulu (formerly of the Toy Dolls.) There’s food, there’s friends and there’s beer and cheer. It’s good to be home!