The Best-Laid Plans…

The plot thickens… David finally wakes up from his deep slumber but although his condition is much improved, he’s still feeling fragile. He resurrects himself because we have a super-charged Saturday.

We’re planning to go to my auntie’s to see my cousins so everyone can say g’day to David. There, we’ll meet my Uncle David, and then take him and Auntie Marlene out for a long-awaited lunch to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Their anniversary was actually last year, but this is fhe first time we’ve been able to get together to have a good old knees up.

It seems the universe has grand designs for our day and things don’t quite go according to plan. Poor Auntie Marlene takes a tumble at her hotel splitting her lip, scratching her nose and fracturing a finger. There then follows the domino effect. My cousins turn back and go home. We don’t go to Auntie Sandra’s. And to cap it all, instead of going to lunch, Uncle David and Auntie Marlene go to casualty to get Auntie stitched up. It’s not quite how we planned it!

David and I have a bit of extra time on our hands and we use it constructively shopping up a storm. I buy some sparkly stilts, ooops, I mean shoes,  which are so high they should carry a government health warning. However, at 10 pounds they’re too cheap to resist! We take a stroll round our old home town and retire for a lazy lunch at the pub.

Auntie Marlene and Uncle David swing by to say hi, bye after the hospital encounter. It’s not quite the meeting we had imagined but at least we get to see each other and have a big hug. This makes me more motivated to plan something bigger and better for our next rendezvous.

We have a bit of time to recharge out batteries ready for the night’s fun and frolics. We’re off to our old local to hold court with  London buddies. It’s great to see the posse. Even David’s Sydney side football friend Felly makes a guest appearance. He lives in the mother country now and despite living out of town, he braves the tube and the elements to bob on over.  There’s beer, cheer, pizza and pals – it’s just like old times!