Last-Chance Shopping

I’m far too tired to pound the pavement this morning. I’m conserving my energy for the long day of shopping ahead. David and I are  two people on a mission. We head straight to Oxford Street. We do not pass Go and we do not collect 200 pounds. Instead, we go straight to Debenhams where go on one big bargain hunt!

We fill our basket with shoes, handbags and clothes with ridiculously low price tags! Time flies by when you’re having fun so after  the credit card has flexed it’s muscles, we recharge our batteries at our favourite West End pub.

There’s more last-chance shopping at various stores but before long, we start to run out of time and energy and decide to call it a day. We narrowly miss rush hour on the tube and for this we are very thankful! 

Dinner is a taste of Turkey tonight!  Me, David, Hev and Rich try the Wood Oven BBQ, a Turkish grill restaurant. It’s only a Tuesday night and it’s packed to the rafters, always a good sign! Turkish food is one of my all time favourites. I love it all! Tonight we have a mezze to start which I love.


That way you get to try a little bit of everything! Heather and I choose a grill but the boys go for the meat feast! They’re meat monsters! The coffee and baklava just about finish us off! What a massive Monday!

The Wood Oven Special