Arriverderci Venice!

Boo! It’s our last morning in Venice and it’s another breakfast bonanza. Croissants, coffee and crackers. We lap it up! We throw our stuff in the suitcase, check out of the hotel and race out into the sunshine for a spot of souvenir shopping.

We walk up and down, in and out of tiny streets crammed with souvenir shops, all of them teeming with tourists!  However, it’s a productive morning and we pick up some spaghetti bibs (I’m a notoriously messy eater especially when I battle bolognaise!) some earrings, a wine stopper and a big bag of Venetian chocolates. This should weigh our hand luggage down nicely!

There’s still time for a swift snack so we pop back to A’ll Arco, which is in our opinion, home to the best cicheti in Venice! We each choose a little of what we fancy and wash it all down with a good glass of Prosecco.

We’ve had a ball in Venice and I’ve really fallen in love with this canal crazy city. The people are warm, the food is fabulous and the views are spectacular. Just like the terminator, “I’ll be back!”

Then it’s back to the hotel to say goodbye to the lovely owner Sandro and then we lug our luggage canal side to wait for the boat to the aiport. The boat driver must have a split personality or be a wannabe Lewis Hamilton. He is the ultimate canal speed hog and steers so fast, it’s more like riding a rollercoaster than travelling by boat. We arrive at the airport super early and kill time queuing and in the cafe.

The flight home is uneventful and we make it back to Hotel Mills in record time. Our friends, Dharish and Mark are on their way but are a bit delayed so I decide to use my free time constructively and make a cake! Richard is a self confessed coconut lover so I decide to make him Moist Coconut Cake with Coconut Ice Frosting. It’s always a bit tricky working in a different kitchen and with a different oven, but this bake is sweet and simple.

Time is marching on, my cake is out of the oven, the chinese take away has arrived, the wine is poured and finally Mark and Dharish arrive. There’s buddies, bonhomie, take-away-the-sequel and bottles of bubbly. It’s a late night but a great night! However, I’m feeling heartless! Ooops! I think I left my heart in Venice!