The Morning After the Run Before

I manage to survive on almost zero sleep and when I wake up, I don’t even feel sore! Hooray for Lucie the marvellous masseur! She must be a magician. I’d go so far as to say, I have the legs for a morning run, I just don’t have the energy!

It’s a great day at work, I’m still flying high from running the night. The good vibe and good feeds continue, as everyone eats the left over treats from the Biggest Morning Tea. I get to go out at lunchtime and meet Leda for lunch. We have a whole lot to catch up on, first and foremost, her ever growing baby bump!

There’s time to go out with the boys for a few Friday night beers. It’s so funny how our office is so compact and our staff so small, yet we never  find quality time to catch up when we’re on the job! It’s a great way to kick start the weekend!

I’ve got a busy day ahead tomorrow so we don’t want to leave too late! We want to stay on track with our healthy eating too, and we’re trying to stick to eating something wholefood and plant based at least once a week. So tonight we feast on Spinach and Chickpea Curry which is simple, satisfying and brilliant for the budget!

After dinner, I get good news! The official race results are in! I ran the night in 1:18:09 – right on my time target! I’m so stoked with that!