Go Slow

I can hardly believe it’s only my second full week back at work? It feels like we’ve been back in upside down land forever! I mean forever in a good way! It’s been an action packed couple of weeks; I was a VIP at the Biggest Loser Finale, I ran the night, cooked up a storm, experienced the joys of Thermomix and helped to find a cure for cancer! Not bad for two weeks work!

I haven’t had nearly as much sleep as I need, so set about playing catch up this week. It’s time to take my foot off the gas and go slow for a while. It’s a pretty chilled out start to the week. Just what the doctor ordered!

David is at home sick feeling quite out of sorts so we cancel our much looked forward to dinner plans with Adam and Leda. However, apart from a bucketload of disappointment, this leaves me with a bit of a dinner dilemma, what meal will I make tonight? I remember salivating over a Beetroot and Fetta Frittata in the latest Good Food magazine and think that that will do nicely! Quick, easy and everything I need is either in the fridge or in the cupboard! Admittedly, the egg and beetroot seem quite an eclectic mix but they make perfect partners for this simple supper! We love it!

Later, there’s down time catching up on the start of the new series of Australian Masterchef! It’s perfect timing, this programme will fill the viewing void that the Biggest Loser has left behind!