The Road to Recovery

There’s no way round it, if you train, there’s pain. Being a bit of a masochist, I really rather enjoy it. However, there comes a time when your body needs a break. Today it’s time for TLC! So… I’m going for a massage! I would go so far as to say that Kerren my massage lady is the best masseur in the Southern Hemisphere. A visit to her house is always such a treat.

She lives a couple of suburbs away in such a pretty part of town. It’s such a scenic spot – it’s a pleasure to walk and as it’s a 5km return route, I get to kill some calories too. Sydney is a splendid city by day, it’s a stunner at night and it looks just beautiful tonight,  at sunset. I take time out to stop and look out across the harbour at twilight. Absolutely beautiful!

I turn pea green with envy en route as I am gripped first by dog envy; I pass by the cutest canines and it seems like everyone on the planet has a dog. Apart from me! I also experience some house envy too, as I pass by streets of  big, beautiful houses with amazing harbour views, they’re straight out of Homes and Gardens,  only better!

However, after an hour of Kerren’s magic touch and a ton of tiger balm, I’m not pea green, I’m in the pink!