Twelve Minute Turn Around!

Lat night, David gallantly offered to set his alarm just to be  sure, for sure, that I’ll be up in time, and on form,  for training with Kathy in the morning. I feel a bit bad for him, one alarm at 5.30 is bad, but two in as many minutes is a really rude awakening! But then again, David’s like a cat; he can sleep anytime, anyplace, anywhere and more to the point, through anything!

Lucky for me that I am married to Mr Punctuality, because as it turns out, I was so tired last night, I didn’t even set my alarm! The first time I realise it is get up time is when David’s alarm beeps into action at 5.50 and I have to be at the gym at 6!

Hail the twelve minute turn around! I manage to get changed, make a gym drink, brush my teeth, wash my face and get to the gym in 12 minutes! I feel like the bionic woman!

Ah, it’s times like this when I love living next door to the gym! And guess what… the extra zzzzs give me just the turbo charge I need to power through my hour with Kathy. Perhaps I should pull the Sleeping Beauty stunt every Thursday!