Saturday Favourites

It’s an action packed Saturday. After a sleepy start and a long lie in, there’s a bit of baking. Kari and Ryan are bobbing over with the kids later so it’s time for treats. Today, it’s more of those fast and fabulous Top Banana Fairy Cakes. I can’t resist making something for the adults too, so here come some more of Katie’s Chocolate Apricots. They won’t last long, David has developed a serious chocolate apricot addiction. The problem is that they are just too good to resist. Soon I will have to start my own movement, Apricots Anonymous!

Then, there’s  fun with the family fun. We hook up with Ryan, Kari and the kids at the park. David  and Ryan get a bit of a workout with the footy, the baseball set and chasing children while Kari and I hold court on the picnic blanket. That’s the idea! Talor tells me that I’m a good cook and that I should be a baker when I grown up! Out of the mouths of babes and all that!

I have a kick ass cardio workout at the gym and run myself ragged on the machines. I’m not a big fan of cardio machines per se and I usually find them mind numbingly boring, but they say as a change is as good as a rest and today, I find them really rather refreshing.

Later, we hook up with Tracey and Nick to check out their new pad right on the harbour. It’s an apartment that dreams are made of ! After some beer and cheer in the amazing abode, we head out across the road to their new local for some top notch pub grub.

Now that’s what I call a super Saturday full of my favourite things; fun, food, friends, family, fitness and of course, a bit of baking!