Baking Boo Boo!

Eve is coming over for dinner so it’s all go in the kitchen! In my wisdom, I decide I may aswell bake Alex’s birthday cake for Friday. I think I’m being eco friendly saving time and energy using the oven for two bakes at the same time. In hindsight, I’m just being dumb ass!

Dinner is easy, as I made the Kumara and Kidney Bean Hotpot last night and now I just have to chuck together the yummy Corn Salsa.  My salsa is looking sensational so I turn my hand to the cake I must bake. I’ve decided to be a woman of my word and bake one of the many Evelyn Rose sweet treats. Either Evelyn or my oven, or both, aren’t my friends, because the cake looks char-grilled on top – even when I cover it with foil half way through, and the sides are black as coal. As if all that isn’t bad enough, it’s so hard, you could play soccer with it! Big sad face all round! Boo!

At least Evelyn comes good with  dessert. As Eve is over, it’s Eve’s Pudding . Fresh, fast and fruity, not to mention lovely and warm on a cold autumn night! Of course, I can’t touch the pud, it being loaded with calories and iodine, but I do manage to munch my way through a big bar of dark chocolate! And I wonder why I’m putting on weight.

As for the cinder cake, I’ll take it to work tomorrow… anything goes on the Feeder Programme!