The Eats of Evelyn

When I was chez Auntie Sandra (she who is  famous for that 0h-so-lovely  Champion Chicken Soup,) in the mother country, I ordered Evelyn Rose’s New Complete International Jewish Cookbook in an attempt to cook food  just like my mom, my nana and my auntie used to. I can’t wait to serve up a taste of my childhood!

Said book arrived a few weeks ago and what with all the fun and frolics of late, I only get to grips with it at the weekend. Reading it is like travelling a  mouth-watering food safari and I get completely lost in them there pages! I reckon if time and energy permitted, I could dish up  a daily dose of  Evelyn to infinity and beyond. I reckon there’s enough dishes in the volume to keep me going for at least a year. It actually makes my tummy rumble and my taste buds tinkle  just thinking about it!

Oh, I can but dream! I still have a full time job, a social life and a husband to attend to, so I think a dish-a-day is a little unrealisitic and a tad ambitious. I never have been one for setting myself up to fail! Instead, I’m going to think not what I can’t do but rather what I can. I’m sure that trying out one recipe a week would be both manageable and more-ish! Let the fun begin!