More and Moor!

Another day, another cake! Despite yesterday’s bake being burnt to a crisp, my colleagues eagerly eat it without complaint. They want to know the name of my very humble offering. I find this question a bit rhetorical, because the name of the bake, is irrelevant, my workmates aren’t cake-ist, they’ll eat anything. Each time, before I offer the cake, I warn them that it’s “burntandry” but that doesn’t put them off. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if anything can put my colleagues off consuming cakes. Anyway, I digress, soon, all that’s left of the burntandry cake is crumbs. It may be burnt, it may be dry, but apparently, it still tastes good!

Undeterred, I’m back in the kitchen in the evening to make another cake. It is Alex’s birthday tomorrow after all, and I can’t go to work empty handed! I’m short on time, low on energy and have no shopping  in so I’m looking to Evelyn and the larder for inspiration. Tonight, hail the Rich Almond Cake . Apparently, it’s so big on taste, that portions can be tiny, which is just as well, because this cake is very small but perfectly formed. To say it’s vertically challenged would be an understatement! If I want this cake to stretch round a hungry staffroom, I am going to have to perform a miracle not dissimilar to the bread and fishes!

While I’m carrying on with the cake, I multi task with my supper special – One Pot Moroccan Chicken. It’s low in fat, high in taste and almost iodine free! Harissa is my hero! This is one dish that doesn’t disappoint – it’s moorish and more-ish!