The Need to Feed

The Feeder Programme is firing on all cylinders today. As I’m batch cooking like it’s going out of fashion, the freezer is filling up so fast that I am forced to raid it and remove all the unwanted baked goods pronto! There’s some Caramelised Apple Buttermilk Slice and a bit of Liz’s Sticky Date Pudding up for grabs – and I know just the place to take it, and, the people to eat it! So hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to work I go!

I’m also armed with that flat-as-a-mat Rich Almond Cake for Alex’s birthday. When all the freezer food is consumed, it’s time to partake the birthday cake and what it lacks in height, it more than makes up for in texture and flavour! I don’t get to taste test it myself but everyone in the office gives it the thumbs up, some rave reviews and most importantly, Alex gives it the birthday boy’s seal of approval.