Today is a Sat-to-do-Day! First off, I have to brave the scales at Weight Watchers. It’s been a while and I haven’t yet got rid of that holiday heaviness, so I approach the weigh-in with some trepidation! Imagine my great surprise then, when I actually  lose weight! Albeit, only 200g but that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, or a weight gain, whichever way you look at it! I can only attribute my miracle minsicule weight  loss to the joy of an iodine free diet! It’s hard to feed my face all day on such limited food groups! See, there is always a positive!

I forego the gym for retail therapy. Today, we venture out to Birkenhead Point, a retail outlet place in the West of the city. Apart from the joy of shopping, the centre is so scenic, located right on the water with views across the harbour; it has to be one of the most picturesque places to shop! I love a bargain and today there are plenty! Our mission today is to buy new boots as my current pair are on their last legs (excuse the pun!) I always find shopping when you have to, and not because you want to, a largely unfulfilling and unenjoyable experience. But today, that’s not the case, it’s super and successful. I manage to score boots, a dress, a running jacket and some gym kit, and all at bargain bucket prices! I’m a very happy shopper!

We come home to recharge our batteries and for dinner tonight, it’s Dharish’s Chicken Curry. I would swear under oath that Dharish’s curries are some of the best in the Northern hemisphere and they’re the one thing we most about the UK! I’ve been meaning to give this curry a go for like, forever, it’s low fat, all good and iodine free! So today’s the day! I only have hot chilli powder which I chuck in with wild abandon! Then I realise I have no yoghurt for the raita! Oopsie! As it is, the curry is so spicy but nicey. It does however, bring tears to our eyes and is  so hot our noses run marathons! Note to self: when it comes to hot chilli powder, go easy tiger!

We muster up some energy to go to Fran and Felly’s leaving party. We don’t need a whole lot of oompah, as the party is at our local, literally next door! There’s beer and cheer, and all near here! What a super Saturday!