Stress Less!

We have been without heating for 16 days now. With our flanelette pyjamas, thick bed socks and hooded dressing gowns, we look like a pair of arctic monkeys. I’m a bit over being multi layered, I just want to use the heating! Aargh! I have been stalking the real estate agent for 3 consecutive working days and when he finally touches base, he  seems completely unphased that we are close to becoming abominable snow people. What’s the world coming to when it’s warmer outside than in? His indifference makes brings me to boiling point. I remember one of the tips  from my 10 Tips to Stress Less and try to focus on the things I can control, and not what I can’t. If at first your agent fails you, another super stress less tip, ask for help; there’s always the Office of Fair Trading!

Apart from the real estate grate, the day is full of silver linings. I’m working hard to find opportunities in life’s challenges. Although, it’s raining and grey in the morning, it gives me a great excuse to pound the pavement in my new running jacket. It keeps me warm and toasty and those flouro strips let me glow in the dark (and I’m not even radioactive!) It’s a great start to the day. My endorphins are running wild.

Work is great. I’m trying to get one step ahead and get things organised for next week when I’m away. I’m such a sap – I love my job so much. I hate to be away from my desk! Still, on the plus side, my absence will create an opportunity for someone else to be gainfully employed for the week I’m away, so I’m actually doing somebody a favour! That’s got to be good karma, right?

Iodine free dinners aren’t such winners and my belly is seriously bored. If this continues for much longer, I am sure to turn kidney bean colour! Imagine my joy when I find two hearty and delicious recipes to try… One-Pan Baked Chicken with Pumpkin and Walnuts for dinner and a hot and hearty Spiced Lentil and Ginger Soup which I can pack into the freezer and will travel well to work! Look! No kidney beans!