The Rough with the Smooth

There’s good news and bad news today. First off I have a date with the  dentist. My old dentist was almost a dentist deity, I loved him so much, but then he went off and retired and left me desperate and dentist-less. I really did  leave my heart in his dentist’s chair. I think they should have cloned him before he went off to greener pastures, but much to my disappointment they didn’t,  so I settle for a new dude instead. He’s pleasant enough even if he does lack the electric chair manner of my beloved Dr Palmer. He is however, very nice to my teeth and gives them lots of compliments which just makes me want to smile like I’m on a toothpaste ad and flash my gnashers some more. My mouth has a reprieve and can stay filling free for a bit longer. That’s the good news!

Life is funny. You have to take the rough with the smooth, right? So when I get back to work there’s some bad news… Anton is leaving! On Friday! I wasn’t joking when I said I didn’t like surprises, especially not nice ones of this nature! Two days until departure – that doesn’t give me nearly enough time to get my head round it, or more to the point, bake cakes for a ta-ta tea!

It’s bad and it’s sad but I’m sure it’s a move in the right direction for my friend. So I shall be happy for him and not allow myself to drown in my own self-pity! On the plus side, it’s a great excuse to get my wiggle on in the kitchen. I find a yummy recipe for Apple and Walnut Cake with Treacle Icing  which I think will go down a treat and I’m on track to test my next recipe in the Evelyn Rose weekly challenge! For Week Two, I’m going to give the Chocolate Cupcakes a go. Watch this space!